Jofre Labortechnik

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Jofre Labortechnik

СООО The business of Jofre Labortechnik JLLC is design and contract manufacture of electronics.

Our activity started in 1990, when a group of high-qualified specialists formed the present key staff of our company. The activity was mainly directed to the development of electronic devices for colour photo printing.

Jofre Labortechnik nowadays is one of a few enterprises in our country providing full service package on design and manufacture of electronic units and modules, beginning from engineering development to complete manufacturing management, with subsequent batch production.

For this purpose we have all the necessary facilities:

  • in-house manufacture, current technology, engineering and qualified personnel
  • Jofre Labortechnik has 100 experienced staff members: 25 of which are concerned with design and 75 are engaged in manufacturing processes.

Since 1998 the company has been the resident of Free Economic Zone "Brest".

This provides undeniable advantages for import of components and export delivery of manufactured production.

Use of current technologies and manufacturing processes, quality, regular introduction of recent developments in electronic engineering – these particular principles afford successful implementation of our company’s strategy:

Manufacture of new reliable competitive electronic equipment for different service conditions.

IQNetISO9001Our production is certified in International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000